Monday, February 4, 2008

I hate Jay Jays

I really hate it when big chain stores cash in on certain fashions. Who's the latest to do this you ask? yes that's right...Jay Jay's. Who are they you might be asking if you do not reside in the land downunder. Jay Jay's are a cheap ass so called fashion store that sell the run of the mill everyday crap, however of late they have decided to cash in on the retro/vintage wear that has become so popular of recent years.

Why does this make me so angry you might ask? well for a store that's never stocked anything other than no name brand clothing since forever to now stock retro tees is clearly just these guys cashing in on the retro clothing market and prostituting the name of retro. How does this affect the retro clothing market as a whole? well because Jay Jay's sell their range so cheap and nasty it brings the whole retro clothing industry down a notch.

I for one have never shopped at Jay Jay's in my life however because these guys sell their stuff so cheap people seem to flock in there. What I say to these people is shop there if you must but avoid the cheap retro tees. If you need to buy retro but quality retro and do not prostitute the name of retro, thanks for your time.