Friday, August 21, 2009

If it wasn't for snak pack- get stuffed?

Okay so we were thinking about our favourite 80s Australian adverts. So many came to mind but for me only really really stood out...yes that's two reallys. It was in fact the snak pack advert. You know the one where the kid says 'if it wasn't for snak pack get stuffed!?' Well that's what I always thought the kid was saying but it turns out that wasn't in fact the case. It was in fact 'if it wasn't for snak pack a kid'd starve!'.

Anyway, I remember all the cool kids ate snak packs and as soon as you saw them eating it you'd spew out the line ' if it wasn't for snak pack a kid'd starve'. Ah the memories, you just don't get ad's like this one anymore.