Thursday, September 10, 2009

hey dad! greatest show ever?

Was Hey Dad the greatest tv show ever to hit our tv screens? I'd like to suggest yes. But who was the funniest and most likeable character on the show? For me it really had to be Nudge. The man was a true Aussie legend and was quite clearly the funniest man this country has ever seen. Some of his one liners were simply briliant.

On the other hand however there was Betty. Clearly not the brightest light in the harbour but still pulled out the funnies show after show afer show.

Why are we asking these questions I hear you ask? well to honour the greatness of the show we have decided to make a hey dad t-shirt in some capacity. Take the poll on our homepage so we can find out who was your favourite character from the show. Watch some of hey dad here: ">