Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best day of my life!? a day on the green

The day finally arrived! I was excited to say the least. I had built this day up to be potentially the best day of my life and you know something it has to be said it most likely was.

The days proceedings kicked off at about 3pm with one of my favourite bands Mental as Anything. They churned out all their classic hits and didn't skip a beat which was pretty impressive considering it was like ten thousand degrees celcius on main stage. The crowd and I officially went crazy when they played live it up and the nips are getting bigger. I ended up putting my VIP pass to good use by getting a photo with the band....this photo will be going straight to the pool room.

Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better it clearly did. No it wasn't because I was onto my second bottle of wine by this stage but hey that helped. The main reason for my excitement was that The Proclaimers were on main stage. I found it hard to hide my excitement when they played 500 miles and I believe I was spotted with an invisible air guitar on a number of occasions. The crowd as a whole burst into one giant orgasm of pleasure which sure was a site to behold. I managed to get a rad as photo with Charlie too....rock on!

Finally, when I thought the day could not get any better, it did. 3 bottles of wine in the B-52's were on. Love shack and Rock Lobster never sounded so good and I was clearly working up a sweat Jane Fonda style.

All in all what a great day. My Reebok Pumps have never had such a workout. I strongly urge you if get the chance to go see all 3 of these bands in action, they rule!